Solve employee and customer problems fast

As you face what’s next for your business, the right help desk supports your team and enables you to quickly adapt and make smarter decisions.

Eliminate manual work, reduce human error, streamline processes.

Mojo all in one ticket tracking

Centralize requests

Mojo Helpdesk allows businesses to efficiently handle requests from employees, customers, 3rd party vendors and partners.

Mojo Helpdesk centralizes all requests and provides a battery of tools to boost agent efficiency. This includes an internal knowledge base and canned answers allow agents to search for existing best practices in order to resolve issues quickly. Automation accelerates repetitive tasks. Ad-hoc reports provide deep insights into help desk activity.

Knowledge-base settings screenshot

Self Service Knowledge Base

Cut up to 90% of user requests using Mojo Helpdesk's knowledge base. Create and share Frequently Asked Questions, measure what performs best, and adjust as needed.

Code Free Automation

No coding required. Automation dramatically improves agents efficiency allowing them to serve more users, faster.

Mojo Helpdesk automates ticket assignments (round-robin, load-balancing, etc...), sends auto-responders, reminds people to respond on time, tags issues automatically and escalates problematic tickets.


Manage Assets

Keep track of any assets such as computers, laptops, license as well as maintenance contracts.

Mojo will notify for contracts renewal date. Lists incidents for each asset. Use check-in and checkout feature to assign assets to user.

satisfaction rate

"After we set up the Mojo Helpdesk and created the right workflow, it becomes very easy to assign the ticket to the right person."

Andrea Di Mauro, Customer support management, Synapses SRLS, Italy

Enterprise Grade Security & Single Sign-on

Mojo Helpdesk is designed to protect the privacy, security, and integrity of your company’s information. Mojo Helpdesk uses strong encryption and provides a secure and reliable environment including audit logs, SSO, firewall and session management.

With Single Sign On (SSO) Mojo Helpdesk integrates with Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Active Directory, LDAP and SAML systems. Mojo Helpdesk is GDPR compliant.

Google Workspace integration

Trusted by over 2.5 million users

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What customers are saying...

"... a simple and effective ticketing system that integrates nicely with Google Apps."

Andrea Di Mauro Technology Coordinator, Attalla City Schools

"After we set up the Mojo Helpdesk and created the right workflow, it was very easy to assign the ticket to the right and available person of the team"

Matt C. Customer support management, Synapses SRLS

"It’s also easy with Mojo to review the tickets and customer interactions and track tickets not responded within the stipulated time, so we can meet our SLAs."

B. Raja Raman Head of Post Sales Support, Raksha Technologies

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