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10 Songs That Fuel Productivity at Work

Do you need to listen to music in order to function at work? At Mojo Helpdesk, we’re huge fans of  “plugging in” while diving into a big project or finishing a task. Here’s ten songs and artists that keep us...

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Knowledge Power

How to Write the Perfect Knowledge Base Article

Knowledge is power. I've heard that phrase thrown around a bunch. I'm sure it wasn't intended to be used by some guy writing a blog about knowledge base articles, but strangely it applies. Since we've populated our Mojo knowledge base...

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Strong Gmail

3 Signs Your Startup has Outgrown Gmail Support

 Startups are typically strapped for cash but still need a way to get feedback from users so they can improve their product and start gaining traction in the marketplace. That's why they typically start out using Gmail as their customer...

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Helpdesk Wheel of Responses

8 Quick Tips to Becoming a Successful Helpdesk Technician

Starting a new helpdesk job soon? Congratulations. Here are some tips from the helpdesk experts on Reddit that can get you headed towards that first raise and promotion. The infamous IT Helpdesk Wheel of Responses (hat tip: reddit/ITdept) 1. Document everything. Screenshots help....

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