Mojo Helpdesk January Updates

Front of the Pack

We are excited to share some of the improvements and new features we’ve been working on for the past couple of months.

New: Custom Fields for Users and Groups

Custom fields have arrived to both users and groups, allowing Mojo agents to document user information. For example, user records can be complemented with additional info such as primary location, room number, hire date, etc. Similar to tickets, custom fields on the user profile can be configured to make required or not required, and visible or hidden from the end-user.

Meanwhile, the custom fields for groups are helpful if in B2B. Mojo admins can add the customer’s address, put a link to the customer’s website, or note the main point of contact for an account.

New: Set a Default Form for Each Email Queue

Admins can determine which default form to use when an email is received for each queue. With this improvement, agents no longer have to manually change the ticket form for tickets that come in by email.

New: Time Metric for First Response

How long does it take for an agent to respond to a newly created ticket? This time metric is now visible on the Dashboard. Automated responses are great, but tracking a response from a real-life human is better.

New: Shortcut to the Mojo Status Page

Agents may have noticed we added a new help icon next to the avatar/initials. Everything Mojo-help related can be found here. There’s also a link to our service status page. We’re proud to say that we reached a 99.9999% uptime over the last 12 months. However, in case you want to be alerted to any issues, you can subscribe to the Mojo Helpdesk status page. Shout out to our sister app, Montastic. (Montastic is a website monitoring service, made by Metadot.)

Improved: Clearer Agent Reply Interface

“Reply to user or add staff note.” Agents are presented with straightforward options when responding to a ticket. With the new interface, it’s also easy to view and copy previous comments.

Improved: Ticket Export Date Range Increased to 1 Year

We know how important reporting is to Mojo users so we’ve increased the ticket export date range to one year.

Thank you for the all the suggestions!

Of course, we have our customers to thank for helping us improve Mojo. This is just the beginning of more improvements and new features.

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