Mojo Helpdesk November Updates


It’s been a busy couple of months here at Mojo. Today we are rolling out new features and improvements that are going to boost Mojo Helpdesk productivity.

Improved: A Cleaner Ticket Form Interface

With one look, you can easily see your form settings—what’s visible to the user, what they can edit, and what’s required. The new table format is clear and easy on the eyes.

New: Clone a Form

Help desk set up is now quicker and easier with the new Clone ticket form feature. Agents will just need to create that perfect form once. Now you can clone a form and save time!

New: Form Conditional Logic

With the new Form Field Rules in Mojo, we can now create smarter forms with conditional logic. Say, we have the question, “Are you married?”. If the user answers “yes”, we can show a set of questions. If the user answers “no”, then we can show another set of fields.

Watch this video to see a simple example of a form with conditional logic.

New: Bamzooka App Integration

Our Metadot family is growing. Mojo Helpdesk has now a sister app: Bamzooka: It is an app to manage recurring checklists (like new employee on-boarding, IT server upgrade, maintenance procedure, maintenance contract or insurance renewal for example). It is developed by our parent company Metadot.

With Bamzooka integration in Mojo, a Mojo help desk staff can now link a ticket to a Bamzooka checklist (e.g. employee on-boarding checklist) and configure it so the ticket cannot be closed unless the checklist is completed first. This adds the possibility to create powerful workflow that were previously not possible.

Bamzooka website shot.
Screenshot of

Watch this video to learn how to add Bamzooka to Mojo Helpdesk.

To learn more about Bamzooka, visit Bamzooka website. Welcome Bamzooka!

That’s it for this release. We hope you’ll enjoy this update! Until next time.

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