March Updates for Mojo Helpdesk

Front of the Pack

Mojo Helpdesk’s newest release features awesome functionality that will help supercharge your support team’s workflow. 

Mojo now supports team collaboration by giving Agents the ability to watch tickets not assigned to them specifically but be emailed when any comments are added to the watched tickets.  So maybe a colleague is going on vacation and you need to jump in if the customer responds. You can keep the ticket assigned to the agent on vacation but be notified when that ticket gets commented on by the end user. 




Also added is the ability to Trigger actions based on custom fields. Workflow conditions can be created based on any custom field instead. If a custom field has been added for ‘location’, the trigger can auto-assign the ticket based on the location selected. 



Ticket lists now show custom field values.  So, if you want the ‘Room Number’ to appear in the ticket  list view, this is possible by adding the column in the compact ticket list view. 



Please enjoy the new features and as always let us know your feedback! 

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