Using your own email address for Mojo tickets

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Mojo allows you to set up multiple email addresses to receive tickets. For example you can have an email address for tech support, maintenance or maybe general inquiries. The email address creates a ticket in the corresponding ticket queue, it will look something like this:

Many of our customers currently have their own email address they use and want to know how they can still continue using their own existing email, which may look something like this: Well, the answer is yes, you can use your own email address. And, it’s really simple to set up. 

To use an existing email address you just need to create a forwarding rule that sends the emails from your existing address ( to the Mojo-queue email address (

For example in GSuite, you can create a filter to accomplish this.  You can have the filter skip the inbox and send to a different email address, in this case it would be the Mojo-queue email address. Or you can set up email forwarding directly from GSuite to the Mojo-queue address.  GSuite will send a confirmation over to Mojo to complete the forwarding rule. Hint: Be sure you allow unregistered users to submit tickets before creating the forwarding rule, otherwise Mojo will reject the email.

For more info read the knowledge base article.



If your existing email address is not an inbox but a group email or alias then you would just need to add the Mojo-queue address as a member of the email group. This will then send the email to the helpdesk as a ticket.

For more information on forwarding emails, email-to-ticket, and email handling please view our Knowledge Base.
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