How to Gauge Your Support Team’s Efficiency with the Mojo Number

Did you know that Mojo Helpdesk has built in tools to help improve your support team’s efficiency? Features like the Mojo Number measure customer satisfaction on every part of your business. Whether you’re considering Mojo Helpdesk for the first time, or you’re a veteran user, the Mojo Number is a great feature that allows users and administrators to see a bird’s eye view of the team’s efficiency and support quality. Mojo Helpdesk calculates a Mojo Number based on ticket ratings over the last 30 days, and displays it for each agent, ticket queue, and group, in an easily accessible leaderboard. The highest possible Mojo Number is 100, and the lowest is 20. To access the Mojo Leaderboard, click the Mojo Number badge on the left navigation column.


Measure customer satisfaction for each of your agents

Below the Leaderboard is a graph that displays the Mojo Number trends for a specified period of time. The following graph is an example from a fictitious company that illustrates how useful the graph display can be. You can see in the chart displaying the “Agents” view, that prior to November, John’s Mojo number was hovering around 70. In this case, the manager saw an opportunity to train John on ways to better serve their customers. In the end, John was ultimately able to boost his Mojo Number.


Discover internal inefficiencies by department

The “Queues” view in the graph display can also be used to help managers look at efficiencies between departments and ticket types. In the situation below, you can see that the “Exchange” queue was hovering at the 20 range prior to November. This is the lowest possible score, and there was definitely room for improvement. The manager got the team together to find out why the ratings were so low. After addressing how to improve supporting customers in need of exchanges, the Mojo Number bumped up to 80.


With these two examples, we have now seen a manager using the historical graph display and the Mojo Number to assess customer service performance, and identify opportunities for improvements for John, and also in the Exchange queue. Whether you’re managing agents, queues, or groups, the Mojo Number is an effective tool to visualize opportunities for customer service improvement across the company.

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