New Things for Mojo Helpdesk

Front of the Pack

Here at Metadot, we are on a constant mission to make improvements to Mojo Helpdesk by adding new features, increasing page loading speeds, and enhancing existing functionality. Take a look at the list of recent improvements made in Mojo Helpdesk.

  • Provided the ability to cc users when adding a message in the mobile apps.
  • Fixed bugs in the mobile apps that prevented editing ticket status.
  • Added ‘Time to Solve’ as a column option in the compact list view. The ‘Time to Solve’ column will display the time it took to solve or close resolved tickets. Perfect to add into a ‘Closed Ticket’ list view.
  • Optimized page loading speed by reworking the method of calling agent and user lists. You will notice Mojo is faster!
  • Added Triggers to automate ticket workflow. If you haven’t set up triggers yet, see our how to video.


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