Mojo Releases Triggers in Beta

Front of the Pack

Ever wanted a certain group of agents notified when the queue on a ticket changes? Or to email all agents when a comment is left on an unassigned ticket? Well, with Triggers you can make these things happen and more.

The latest release will allow you to create triggers to automate many tasks in Mojo Helpdesk.  Unlike Automations, Triggers will work on tickets immediately when the tickets meet the conditions specified. Triggers can do all the tedious but important tasks for you such as re-categorizing, setting priorities, adding comments, setting due dates and even emailing people when things happen on tickets. Triggers will do much of the ticket clean up work you previously had to do manually, so think of them as time saving soldiers.

Screenshot 2016-08-26 at 11.53.01 AM

To learn more about Triggers and how to set them up, visit the Mojo Helpdesk Knowledge Base.




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