Send Rating Request Email for Specific Queues Only

If you are using Mojo Helpdesk across several departments or to manage several types of support requests there might be cases where you would not want the ‘rating request’ email sent to users.

For example, a helpdesk might support both customer inquiries and reseller requests. It would make sense to get customer ratings, but not necessarily want to have ticket ratings from resellers or for <denied> sponsorship requests.

You now have the option to disable the rating email and create an automation that will send the rating request email to specific queues only. Mojo will automatically send the email when a ticket has been solved, the ticket will be instantly closed when the user rates the ticket.



Learn how to create the automation to send the rating email.

We hope this set up helps you continue to provide excellent service and support using Mojo Helpdesk.  It will allow you to gather important feedback from the users you really need it from and help you avoid sending a rating request to those you do not, as in this example:

User: Can I resell your product?

Agent: So very sorry, but we are not accepting new resellers at this time. Thank you for you interest! If we open this back up we will reach out to you.

User: 1 star


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