Ways to Build Your Own Awesome Office Culture

The Office

Mojo Helpdesk customers come from all types of organizations. We work with schools, law firms, churches, IT consultants and a mix of other companies from all over the world. Our mission with each user is the same: to make professional lives easier and more efficient through effective ticketing and task management software.

Here’s what we’ve noticed after working with such a wide range of stakeholders: whether you’re a startup consulting firm or an institution founded a century ago, company culture shapes the way both management and employees feel about coming to work every day.

And as a busy team, there may not be time for anyone to create a fully fledged employee engagement program. So, we recommend building your own awesome culture, starting with the five ideas below:

1. Allow People To Be Themselves

No matter your industry, personalities will vary across a team. Some people will be talkative and energized, while others prefer to work alone in silence. At Mojo Helpdesk, we’ve found that it’s best to let people be themselves. Don’t force what’s not meant to be and embrace differences.

2. Stay Casual

Mojo Helpdesk is based in sunny, Austin, TX, where the style is casual year-round. So we definitely encourage companies and organizations to dress comfortably for their workday. If you’re not meeting with clients or attending more formal meetings, dressing in jeans keeps the environment laid back and the productivity high.

3. Treat Your Team Like A Customer

In the book Leading with Service: 30 Empowering Tips for Turning Customers into Advocates, Nathan R. Mitchell encourages companies to treat their employees like customers. By asking “would you treat your customer like that?” you can eliminate conflict and get more done.

4. Let Flexibility Reign

Research from the Society for Human Resource Management shows that 55% of employees would like a flexible work environment so that they can better manage their work/life balance. Flexible start times (for example: 7:30am-9am) and allowing employees to bring their children in the office when needed are just two ways an organization can better serve its employees.

5. Have An Office Dog

Cookie, the Mojo Helpdesk Office Mascot, keeps spirits high as she bounds through our office and greets us with a happy grin each day. That’s why we couldn’t finish off this list without recommending that all offices keep a dog “on staff.” Dogs are known to decrease stress, and who couldn’t have a great day while looking at this sweet face?

The Office

Now we want to hear from you. How do you create an awesome culture in your own office? Tweet us @mojohelpdesk or leave a comment below.

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