Mojo Helpdesk Updates – Improved Communications Controls

Front of the Pack

We just released an update to Mojo Helpdesk with a few features to make the help desk more customizable. We know everyone uses their help desk a little differently from one another, and we wanted to embrace this by making it easier to control communications to the customer.

The first update allows users to set whether or not an email is sent to the ticket submitter when new tickets are created. Help desks can now ensure the only time a customer receives an email is when an agent chooses to send one.

To control this feature, go to “Manage” at the top of your help desk and select “All settings”. Under the “Helpdesk Owner/Admins” menu, click “Configure Mojo Helpdesk”. Once on the helpdesk settings page, click the “Change” button and scroll down to the ‘Miscellaneous Settings’ section. Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for the setting: ‘Send new ticket email notification to submitter?’.

We have also added the ability to customize the “Closed Ticket” email template that is sent to users when they try to respond to a closed ticket. For those who don’t want to utilize the customer portal and prefer to keep all contact with customers via email, the customization of this template is useful as it allows removal of all portal URLs. This way a helpdesk owner or admin can decide what instructions they want to leave their customers with for following up on a closed ticket. Now you can add a phone number or email address and remove the Help Desk URL, if desired.

To edit this template, go to “Manage” and select “All Settings”. Under the “Helpdesk Owner/Admins” menu, click “Configure Emails”. Scroll to the bottom of the email handling page until you reach the ‘Email Templates’ section. The new email template falls under “Tickets to Submitter” and is called “Ticket Closed Message”.

And finally, we cleaned up the messaging system for all tickets. We saw a few issues with the formatting whenever users must click “more” to view the full content of the ticket. Now, all messages will look just as they were entered.

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