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Mojo Helpdesk is a full-fledged and cost-effective help desk & ticket tracking integrated with GSuite
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Use Mojo Helpdesk with G Suite by Google

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Mojo Helpdesk ticketing system, centralizes customer conversations in one place, automates repetitive work to save time, for speedy resolution.

Single sign on with Google

Use your Google G Suite account to login to Mojo Helpdesk.

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Integrates easily

Add Mojo Helpdesk to your Google domain in a snap.

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Navigate from Google G Suite to Mojo Helpdesk in one click.

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Features for efficient resolution

Self-service portal

Makes it easy for customers to quickly find answers without contacting the help desk. The knowledge base guarantees 50% fewer tickets.

Centralized requests

All-in-one resource to handle support tickets to provide better customer service and stay organized.


Automations can auto-assign, auto-comment, escalate, and auto-alert agents based on ticket information.

Custom forms

Repair request, exchange request, return request, purchase request, vacation request? Customize forms for each type of requests.

Email integration

Mojo Helpdesk integrates seamlessly with email, allowing users to reply from Gmail and Outlook.

Intuitive user interface

Users are up to speed very quickly by just using the product.

Focus on the customer. Customer service. Customer experience.

"The customer is at the centre of everything we do". Most businesses understand that the customer expects top notch service at every touch point. No only when buying goods and services. Also in after sales service and support. Let the customer tell you what help they need. Then have an expert who can quickly resolve the issue contact them, using a well-defined, step-by-step process that will resolve the issue on the first call. Better yet, also offer a self-service platform for even faster resolution.

Searchable knowledge base
Centralization & automation
Tracking and reporting metrics

Help center, knowledge base and ticket tracking

With Mojo Helpdesk for education, take support to the next level and delight staff, administrators and students:

  • Cuts request by up to 90% using Mojo Helpdesk Knowledge base and automation features.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Google G Suite, Microsoft 365 & Active Directory.
  • User friendly Gmail-like user interface.
  • Mojo Helpdesk is easy to setup and if you need help we are here to assist.

Mojo Helpdesk can improve all areas of your business

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How do we compare?

Mojo Helpdesk is the Price Leader of hosted Helpdesk and ticket tracking. We've built Mojo Helpdesk to help organizations provide better and faster service to their internal and external customers. Mojo Helpdesk has all the features needed to handle all types of requests of departments, including IT, operations and maintenance.

If you are using Freshdesk, Zendesk or Happy Fox, check how much you will save by using Mojo Helpdesk. (Hint: Mojo Helpdesk is 10 to 20 times more cost-effective.)

Up and running in minutes

Mojo Helpdesk centralizes all requests into one web-based, gmail-like user interface. Mojo Helpdesk is built in Austin, Texas. We host Mojo Heldpesk for you so there is no hardware to buy, install or maintain. With Mojo Helpdesk, organizations can focus on providing better and faster service within minutes of signing up.

Peace of mind

The Mojo team is proud to deliver the best application and stellar customer service to our customers.

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