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Ticket Tracking + Knowledge Base = Happy Users

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Ticket tracking

Users can open tickets, view ticket statuses, or resolve existing tickets — all from one place.

Ticket tracking


Knowledge base

When users find instant answers in the self-service knowledge base, customer satisfaction goes up and ticket volume goes down.

Knowledge base


Awesome look and feel

Customize the look of the help center without having to turn to a programmer. Simply choose a theme, pick your colors, and publish. No coding or HTML knowledge necessary.


Organizations using Mojo daily:

Toshiba uses Mojo Helpdesk
The San Antonio Spurs use Mojo Helpdesk
Miramax Films uses Mojo Helpdesk
Harvard University uses Mojo Helpdesk

Help desk software for all organizations

Mojo Helpdesk allows organizations to centralize, assign and track user requests. Use it to track customer and tech support requests, manage internal tasks, or monitor anything that should not fall through the cracks.

Peace of Mind

  • Unlimited phone support.
  • No long term contract.
  • Mojo is built in Austin, Texas.
  • Mojo is hosted at Rackspace, one of the most reliable hosting providers in the world.

Track internal requests

Mojo is the perfect tool for organization members to assign requests to each other and track their status online.

A form widget for your customers

Customer requests often get lost in email. No more. Webmasters can easily install the Mojo request form in their websites so visitors can submit requests directly into Mojo.

For all your requests

Whether it is for internal or external requests, Mojo tracks them till they get done.

Helpdesk Training Guide

A manual for successful help desk and customer service professionals. Start learning now.